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I’m here to last – SSUE

PRESS Releases by Ssue

Singer, SSUE, got considerable attention from the public at the end of her recent four-gig Accra tour and the young lady says she has landed for the long haul.

Show business is sometimes a slippery, fragile terrain where young talents can risewith the speed of a coconut tree but fall with the speed of a coconut.

According to SSUE, she was aware of the pitfalls along the path she had chosen and that was why she did not rush to enter the scene.

Armed with a degree in Marketingand Finance from the University of Maryland in the United States, she settled for fulltime music after considerable deliberation.

“I have always known music to be my prime passion but I wanted to fully convince myself that I was ready to devote the required attention to it. That was why I spent time under the tutelage of our own world-class singer, Bibie Brew,” SSUE pointed out.

After a period with Bibie, she sang at one of the Dream Child concerts organised by Scratch Studios at the National Theatre. She also did backing vocals on London-based Ghanaian trumpeter, Paul Bilson’s‘Stuff It’ album.

She performed at an Afro-Jazz concert headlined by Okyerema Asante and pianist, Benito Gonzales, at the African Regent Hotel in Accra and had a feel of the international scene last year when she sang in Paris and Cannes, both in France, last year.

“All those were in preparation for her full-scale public exposure and we are glad she held out very well at her recent Republic Bar,Alliance Francaise, +233 Jazz Bar and Grill and Wanshi Gardens concerts,” said her Business Manager, Paa Kwesi Holdbrook-Smith.

Ssue performs her own songs as well as cover versions of carefully-selected Soul and R&B material. She’s currently working on a 12-track album before looking afield for gigs in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.

She is brimming with confidence for the future and trusts her career would contribute to Ghana’s pride on the international scene.

By Kouame Koulibaly

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